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Lineage 2 High Five on TheBattle.Club

New Server

Mid HF5 Server TheBattle.Club, the Big war is here!, Download Files, Register on server, Free bonus!

Server characteristics

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NEW Vasper x100
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Ceriel x77
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Открыт в 2021 году x55
Old server

Lineage 2 High Five - briefly about the situation on these chronicles is one of the few projects that survived more than one crisis during 5 years of its existence. For a long time, hundreds of servers with revolutionary ideas in their arsenal were opened and closed, but a project is not only a dream and a concept, but also a pitfall. It is not enough to come up with an idea, you also need to implement it, and this requires a strong team, which just became the basis for

The Battle Club project was founded in 2016 by ordinary players and now it is one of the first in this niche, it’s in the top 10 Lineage servers, and is in the top three High-Five projects.

Our team has 8 specialists in their field, including many former high-level players, as well as participants in the largest openings of Ru-Net servers.

In order for the project to develop, our team constantly opens new Lineage 2 high-five servers, allowing hundreds of game lovers to have a great time.

It would be foolish to hide that most of the players come at the opening of the server. The question whether they will continue to play or will leave depends on how interesting and relevant the server continues to be.

For a comfortable game in Lineage 2 High Five, we provide 3 main requests from players:

  1. 1) A variety of content, an empty HF server without modifications is not playable at mid rates, the game turns into a routine - FIXED
  2. 2) Events in the game (World Events, PvP and GvG tournaments, Battles for Grand Bosses) - COMPLETE
  3. 3) Quantity of online players. There is always online on our project.

The rates x50-x100 reduce the amount of game content. The Battle Club team reworked a smaller part of the game world, updated the meanings and reasons of the quests.

Does anyone have an interest in collecting items for resources for a dynasty? Thats right.

And it’s a part of the game! On our project you can find hundreds of updated quests and spend time solving and learning lore of this interesting world.

What servers there are on

  • Server Х55 we open no more than 2 times a year, and we adhere to the classic concept - minimum donations, minimum gear, more gameplay
  • Server Х77 - a bit softer than х55, but very similar in concept. Has some differences in GM shop & Donation Shop (on х55 GM Shop is until S Trade only). 
  • Server Х100 usually we open bonus servers to keep online on х55\х77, but sometimes we open independent х100 projects.
  • Server Х300 - PvP Server. Walk the path with creative administrators, with a lot of new content and a lot of PvP. Easy server for solo play.

How long do Lineage 2 High Five servers live?

Life expectancy changed with the amount of content and new players. So, already experienced players achieve heights much faster than beginners, which, in principle, is logical.

Our game worlds won’t be closing and this is important. We have chosen a different method. This is a transfer to a livelier gaming world. This way Lineage players can be sure that their items and characters will remain intact for months.

On average, more than 22,000 unique users visit our site per month. And, to be honest, many people come here because of the community that has formed around the project. Visit our forum, maybe you will find new friends there, or enemies. :)

The main criteria for choosing a server for playing Lineage High-Five: 

- Age of the project.

Alas, there are a lot of one-day servers, but the truth is that “an old friend is better than two new ones”..

- Advertising

The number of display ads, the purchase of VIP positions on announcers, video advertising, Google Adwords, Yandex Direct, streamers and promotions - all these are characteristics of a large budget, which is an integral part of the stability of the project.

- Social life

A lively forum, Discord, high player activity is one of the clear indicators of the projects success.

- Beta testing of the project

Usually, 10% of the future online comes to OBT. If you have entered the OBT with 60 people, be sure that there will be about 450-650 players at the start.

- The quality of the site.

If you think that the site is "cheap-looking", then it most likely is. We recommend that you take a closer look at the project before the final decision to go to the server.

6 reasons why so many players chose

  1. Updated content, there is always something new to do in the game. Some even call The Battle Club an Olympus server;
  2. Active technical support which will never leave you in trouble and solve your problems;
  3. Unique developments both on the server side and on the client side. Our Java assembly is the best on the Internet (and this is not a marketing ploy, but reality);
  4. Game marketplace for trading between players. A very convenient feature for buying / selling within the game and making money;
  5. 99% correctly working skills. Probably only 1 out of 20 game worlds can boast of this;
  6. Own development of the patch and the client. We spent a lot of resources, time on tests and thinking over a comfortable wrapper for the user when creating a high-quality English-language Patch.

Also, our server has implemented a full-fledged knowledge base, with our full support and updates. We will end once and for all the "false knowledge" from the sinister websites and honestly pursue a policy of fixes and corrections: this project will not be an exception and we believe that the Truth should win and not the "Pride" of any of the parties. The policy is simple: if there is a problem, we write it down and fix it. If it is hasn’t been fixed, we transfer it to the error section, or disable this part temporarily, fix it and return it. Globally, our project has created an informer with the newest interesting stories, guides, information in a convenient wrapper.

Who shouldnt visit our project?

  • Scammers to whom we have a very strict attitude. Even for a little deception, the player can lose his account.
  • Softers. We pursue a policy of zero tolerance for such a category of players, any automation is prohibited, both technically, using Active AntiCheat protection on the server side of our project. We track softers and in 85% of cases we have a full list of violators, and we conduct educational work or block their accounts, if they dont understand the concept of loyal administration. - High-Five Server – we love our game!

Free PA 60% for participation in beta test
Opening beta test x100 today at 18:00 CET