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Create your own creative video invitation on the server and win a prize!

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Bonus for streamers

Stream? - well! We have a proposal. Receive a daily reward for advertising our project.

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Premium account for participating in OBT

Take part in the OBT of the x300 server and get a 60% premium account at the server start

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Main server settings


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High Five
Server Chronicles
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Server Rates
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PvP Craft
Server Directions
  • Server concept will be supplemented!
  • EXP x300 | SP x300 | Adena x200 | Drop x100 | Spoil Chance x50 | ClanRepScore x10 Manor x7 | Quest x5 | Reward x5 | RaidBossDrop x7 | Epaulette x20 | Fame x2
  • Server platform: Java
  • All new characters appear at level 20 in Dion, with further development assistance.
  • At level 40, you will receive a box with a temporary C-Grade Equip.
  • Buff lasts - 1 hour.
  • 24 (+4) buff-slots, and 12 for songs and dances.
  • Free buffer up to level 85.
  • Professions are free.
  • You can write to chat in Shout / Trade from the 60th level.
  • The maximum level of the subclass is 85.
  • On the server there are champions (red x15 and blue x7), up to level 80 inclusive, without drop ATT.
  • Hellbound - the island is open from the start of the server. The level is the maximum.
  • Mana potion restore 1500mp Coldown for 10 seconds.
  • Advanced inventory - up to 110 slots (for dwarfs - 130)
  • Restriction in sessions on the server from one HWID - 3
  • Maximum enchanting on the server +16.
  • The server is equipped with an auto loot.
  • All skills are learned automatically.
  • Giran Castle Town trade zone
  • Cancel 3-5 buffs
  • Macros on return skills - is work
  • Drop attribute only from this location!
  • Dragon Valley/Hellbound (химеры)/LOA/SOA
    Drop 1-2 stone - chance drop
    Drop 1 crystal - chance
  • Party Matching quick search for the right group for going to the instance, RB, farm and other events!
  • You can call the initial window with the .lfg command or the button "search for group" if you do not see the button "search for group" use the key combination "alt + L
  • Unique features of the patch in our patch already install auto-enchant, quick searching life stone, quick insert atribute and etc!

Olympiad and Siges


A very important point of the server, this is the Olympiad! We have the most classic olympiad. Start of the Olympiad starts at 18:00 to 00-00! We remind you that GTM+3 is set on the server

  • The Olympiad will last - 10 days.
  • Start the olympiad 19 March
  • Maximum enchanting of weapon +10, armor and jewelry +8
  • Sharpening on the Olympus reduces to +10 weapons, + 8 armor.
  • 300 fights non class.
  • The end of the Olympiad march 19

There are also castle sieges and territorial wars on the server
The launch time of sieges and territorial wars is shown below!

  • The first sieges 28 March
  • The first territorial wars 3 April



  • PvP launch at 18:00 to 22:00
  • The server has a PvP location with a change of zones every 30 minutes, as well as for killing other players you will receive a "Victory Sign" for which you can buy useful things in the store. And also with a small chance it can fall for killing another player: Enchant Scrolls, B-Coin, Fame
  • For 1 place: 3 Epic Chest
  • For 2 place: 2 Epic Chest
  • For 3 place: 3 Epic Chest
  • The award will be sent to you by mail in game, the determination is made every 3 days. img-1
  • Team vs Team
  • Classic Team vs Team event in which players get divided into 2 teams. Each task has more PvP frags which gives a team more points. Award is given to only 1 player by HWID / IP check
  • Last Survivor (Last Hero)
  • The essence of the event is to survive in the arena. Important! For victory you do not get the status of a hero!
  • Handy's Block Checker
  • The essence of the event is to grab as many cubes as possible! You need to grab the cubes with a special skill that will give you. “Mina” and “Shackles” are likely to fall from the dice - they must be applied to the cube. Mina - when you capture this cube, it will become an enemy participant in the event. Bond - prohibit the capture of the cube for a while.
  • Capture the flag
  • Classic Capture The Flag event where players get divided into 2 teams. The task of each team is to collect as more frags and points as possible
  • PvP tournament 1x1
  • You register for the event in Alt + B, it sends you to the Colosseum, where you fight 1x1 with the opponent, the one who won moves into a new circle, the loser flies to the city. The winning player gets the title of the best duelist and is awarded a unique accessory that is not available for sale.
  • Auto GvG (from 2 people)
  • This automatic GvG gives not only the opportunity to "fight for respect", but also empty the pockets of the enemy group. The minimum bet on the battle 500kk or 200 Battle Coin, after submitting the application can take any party server.The fight takes place in the instance zone.
  • Fight Club
  • You bet on the event, then if someone is ready to fight with you for this bet, he also contributes an identical amount of Battle Coin and can fight with you if he defeats your Battle Coin gives the opponent, if you win, then the coin gives the opponent You!
  • Korean random
  • Korean Style is a Team Event. All you need to do is defeat enemy Team in 1vs1 Fights. Prove you are the best and kill the enemy in a fair battle!
  • GvE (Good vs Evil)
  • Players are divided into 2 teams Good and Evil. You get a reward by killing opponents and captures block posts

Raid and Epic Bosses


    The server also added 14 new bosses, with a fixed respawn!
  • 4 bosses respawn in the morning (07:00-10:00)
  • 4 bosses respawn in the day(13:00-16:00)
  • 6 bosses respawn in the evening (19:00-23:00)

  • Night Zaken: party min="36" max="450" / level min="56" max="68"
  • Day Zaken: party min="9" max="27" / level min="55" max="85"
  • Day Zaken(Difficult): party min="9" max="27" / level min="80" max="85"
  • Frintezza: party min="11" max="45" / level min="80" max="85"
  • Freya: party min="11" max="45" / level min="82" max="85"

  • Ant Queen – Period: 2 days, Time: from 20:00 to 21:00 (Lvl 85).
  • Orfen – Period: 3 days, Time: from 20:00 tо 21:00 (Lvl 85).
  • Core – Period: 3 days, Time: from 20:00 tо 21:00 (Lvl 85).
  • Baium -Period: 5 days, Time: from 21:00 tо 22:00.
  • Beleth - Period: 8 days, Time: from 21:00 tо 22:00.
  • Antharas – Period: 9 days, Time: from 21:00 tо 22:00.
  • Valakas – Period: 11 days, Time: from 21:00 tо 22:00.

Voiced Comands


    Special commands for the server, just enter the command in the game chat of the server!
  • .cfg - Various personal settings
  • .epic - Displays rep epic bosses
  • .leave - allows you to leave the event, if possible.
  • .buffer - Buff Scheme Name - A quick way to buff your character without opening the buffer!
  • .whoiam - Additional information about your character
  • .recall - Summon all clan members to the leader. The cost is 20kk adena. Rollback 5 minutes.
  • .repair - If your character can not enter the game (crashed, or loads only before the splash screen), use this command with another character from the same account. It will send your character to the nearest city, and will move things to the warehouse
  • .autocp - Automatic use of CP / HP / MP potion.
  • .ping - You can see this ping to the server.
  • .relog - Safe re-login.
  • .ipro - Turns on a protection from items scam when you pass a character to a party or clan.
  • .unipro - Turns off a protection from items scam.
  • .norecall - Turns off the ability to summon and then items scam after killing the boss.
  • .lfg - Fast searh party for Raid Boss/instance/etc
  • .hwidlock - Set binding by HWID.
  • .club - The clan system allows you to open a new clan system.

Helpful information

Server Services Information

    We value your time on this on our server for your time in the game rewarded with bonuses

    After 2 hours of playing you will receive a "Rune 50%", which will increase the rates: Adena, Drop, Spoil by 50%, lifetime the rune is 1 hour.
    After 1 hour of playing you will receive a box with "100% Rune" by opening which you will receive this rune. Characteristics of the Rune 100%: Adena, Drop, Spoil 100%, pAtk/mAtk +10%, pDef/mDef +10%. Lifetime the rune 6 hours.
    Also, in the new version of the interface, you will be shown what kind of item you get during the time in the game.

    There are more than 50+ agathions on the server

  • Agathions give bonuses to their owner: +2% to chance enchant, +5% to rate Adena, +5% to PvP Defense.
  • img-1
    The server also has a premium account! PA is divided into 2 types 30% and 60%
    A feature of the PA, it works on the entire account, but only on the server on which it was purchased!
  • Price per PA 30%: 1 day - 45 (CoL) / 3 days - 80 (CoL) / 7 дней - 150 (CoL)
  • Price per PA 60%: 14 day - 299 (CoL) / 28 days - 400 (CoL)
  • img-1
    The server also has a Club Card! Its duration is 14 days, then you can update it!
    img-1 What bonuses do you get with a club card:
  • Changes to the title in any color a limited number of times - 1 time.
  • Change the color of your nickname in any other, a limited number of times - 1 time.
  • Available new chat via "^"
  • +5% chance to enchant weapons
  • +15% to sevrer rates, including adena drop and spoil
  • +10% to HP/MP
  • +5% to PvP Defense
  • Price per club card: 299 CoL!
  • img-1
    We also have two bots. Which give out bonuses for not difficult task.
  • Telegram - «Battle Robot» Move to bot

  • Changes affected epic jewelry, and more specifically only Core and Orfen

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Experienced team

Average work experience in our - team from 6 years. We employ developers, system administrators, event and community managers, as well as technical support specialists.

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New content

We are doing a great job to bring relevance to the forgotten content of the game. The main task is to diversify the established world of high five, add something new, but without going overboard!

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You will get a unique opportunity to exchange with other players without using third-party services. Our system will help you find the items you are interested in more quickly and conveniently.

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